Arkansas Rule Of Professional Conduct 1.4 states that lawyers shall “reasonably consult with the client” and  “keep the client reasonably informed” about the status of his or her case.  It goes on to require that lawyers “promptly reply to reasonable requests for information” from their clients and to “explain a matter to the extent reasonably necessary to permit the client to make informed decisions regarding the representation.”

In other words, visiting with your clients about their workers’ compensation cases and letting them know what’s going on.  Giving them timely and sound legal advice.  Patiently discussing their options, with an understanding of the temporary strain that our workers’ compensation system puts on injured workers’ lives, and on the lives of their family members.  Explaining complicated legal issues in a way that folks who don’t have a law degree can understand.  Taking an interest in clients and conversing with them like a person, and not like a cash cow.

At Hart Law, we take a great interest in our clients and their cases.  We consider ourselves privileged to be able to represent folks involved in workers’ compensation claims, and we really like what we do.  We don’t talk to our clients a bunch just because the Rules Of Professional Conduct make us do it; we actually enjoy visiting with working folks, and we always speak in a language that makes sense.  When clients call us about their claims, we know who they are and what’s going on with their case.  We know this, because we work on our cases frequently and with relentless attention to detail.  When our clients ask us to do something related to their case, we do it; usually immediately.  At the end of the day, we’re just normal, hard working, down-to-earth people, just like the folks we represent.

Lawyers should actually want to do all of this, but, unfortunately, some of them don’t do it very well.  If you’ve been injured at work and think you might like some help from a law firm that spends a lot of time communicating with its clients and enjoys doing it, we’d be glad to visit with your about your case, any time.

Neal L. Hart, Attorney at Law