Do I need an attorney to help with my Arkansas Workers’ Compensation claim?

If your injuries are minor (i.e. a strain, sprain, cut, etc.) and you think you’ll be back to work in a few days – with no long-term health problems – you may not need an Arkansas Workers’ Compensation lawyer to represent you. But, if your injuries are more severe (i.e. broken bones, surgery, amputations, etc.) and may affect your health and/or your ability to work in the future, it’s important to have the best Workers’ Comp legal team you can get looking out for your best interests – right from the start!

Insurance companies routinely try to pressure you into settling your work injury claim quickly and for less than it’s worth. Then, once you’ve settled your claim, you waive your rights to further treatment and compensation in the future. These same insurance companies have superior bargaining power in Workers’ Compensation claims, mostly because they’re familiar with Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Law and injured employees are not. Simply put: it’s best to have someone looking out for you. Insurance companies have attorneys, why shouldn’t you?


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