What If I Can’t Get A Lawyer To Take My Case?

We hear this question quite a bit.  Unfortunately, our Workers' Compensation Law has, for several decades, been pretty unfair to working folks.  Many disputed workers' compensation claims are either hard to win, provide insufficient benefits to the employee, if won,...

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Foot Injury Claim?

We successfully resolved a couple foot injury claims recently, so I thought I'd write a short workers' compensation foot injury blog.  I don't think there's much dispute over the fact that on-the-job foot injuries are particularly devastating to working folks. ...

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Idiopathic Injuries

In order for an insurance company to have to pay on a work injury claim in Arkansas, the injury must, among other things, arise out of and in the course of an injured worker's employment.  In other words, the work injury must be a natural and probable consequence or...

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