The answer is very possibly.  We’ve been practicing workers’ compensation law for years and years here at Hart Law, and have represented many people during that time period who were not Arkansas residents; yet they still had Arkansas workers’ comp claims.  Many of these hardworking folks have been truck drivers, who typically live wherever; drive all over the country doing their job; and then return to their home cities when they have time off.  The Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission will typically accept jurisdiction over an Arkansas work injury claim if the contract of hire was made with a company here, or if there are enough other contacts between the injured employee and this State.  So, if you work for a company with a presence in Arkansas but you get injured somewhere else in America or around the world, you may very well be entitled to receive workers’ compensation medical benefits, temporary total disability benefits and/or permanent partial disability benefits under the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Act.  If you live in another state and think you may have an Arkansas claim, give us a call and we’d be glad to visit with you about your options.

Neal L. Hart, Attorney at Law