Getting Compensated for A Snow and Ice-Related Accident at Work

February was an epic month for bad weather in Arkansas, and around the Nation.  A significant number of workers’ compensation claims each year are the result of slips and falls on ice and snow.  Many of these accidents cause serious injury, a lengthy period of lost time from work, and/or substantial permanent impairment.  These claims are also routinely denied by insurance companies, using the defense that the employee wasn’t technically “working” at the time his accident occurred.  Falling on ice in a parking lot at work probably tops the denial list; however, these types of work injuries may very well be compensable workers’ compensation claims, i.e. the insurance company is just trying to rip you off.

If you’ve had an injury at work related to snow and ice, you may need help from an experienced workers’ compensation law firm.  We’d be glad to visit with you to discuss your options, free of charge, any time.

Neal L. Hart, Attorney at Law