At Hart Law, we get the privilege of visiting, on a daily basis, with many, many people about their past and present workers’ compensation claims.  One story we hear more often than you’d think goes something like this:   “I had a workers’ compensation shoulder surgery in 2012, and when the doctor told me I was as good as I was going to get, I just went back to work and never followed up with my claim again.”  While it’s admittedly conscientious to get back to a job and work hard at it, the person in this example probably left cash on the table in his workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ compensation claims are hard on working Arkansans because our Workers’ Compensation Law is exceptionally unfair to our honorable working class.  Despite what insurance companies repeatedly try to claim, the workers’ compensation system is not a slot machine or cash cow for injured workers.   Injured working folks are entitled to a specific set of limited benefits after being hurt on the job, including benefits for having an injury that is permanent, and insurance companies aren’t exactly stumbling all over themselves to voluntarily give these benefits away; particularly if a workers’ compensation claimant is content to basically abandon his or her case.  Arkansas workers are a proud bunch, and rightfully so.  They shed their sweat and blood for their employers, every day.  When they get hurt on the job, they deserve to be compensated, fully.

At Hart Law, we don’t leave cash owed to our clients by insurance companies on the table; and we can help make sure you don’t either.  We’d be happy to visit with you about this, either by telephone or e-mail, pretty much anytime.

Neal L. Hart, Attorney at Law