How Should I Choose A Workers’ Comp Attorney?

It’s an important question about an important choice.  A choice so important, in fact, that a favorable outcome in your case could very well depend upon it.  Some law firms handle workers’ compensation matters as a ‘side job’ of sorts; to pay the light bills and hope that it leads some other, more valuable case.  Retaining a law firm that dabbles in five or ten different areas of law to handle a workers’ compensation claim seems sort of like hiring a knee, shoulder and hip specialist to operate on your brain.  Some law firms use television ads and big billboards to clamor for the attention of the injured masses, hoping to land new workers’ compensation clients.  At the end of the day, however, judges and insurance companies really don’t care whether or not your attorney is on TV.  They’re interested in knowing if he’s good at what he does.


Believe it or not, there are workers’ compensation claimants out there who know basically nothing about the lawyer they’ve hired to represent them in their case.  They just saw some ad somewhere, and then signed on the dotted line.  When they call for information about their case, their “lawyer” may be “out,” and they’re shuffled over to some assistant who may or may not know anything of value about either the law or the claim.  At Hart Law, we want to know our clients, and we want them to know us.  When our clients call the firm, we know who they are, and we know about their case.  We believe that our clients deserve a very high level combination of legal skill and customer service; and we deliver that, every single day.  Insurance adjusters respect our work, and when we appear in court on your behalf, the folks there already know that we are experienced, successful, and highly skilled.


You may only have one shot at picking the right workers’ compensation attorney.  Before selecting one, it’s important to know what (and who) you’re actually getting.  At Hart Law, what you see is exactly what you get.  Workers’ compensation law is what we do.


Neal L. Hart, Attorney at Law

On-The-Job Burn Injuries in Arkansas

Many Arkansans suffer burn injuries at work each year, and some of them are quite severe.  The skin is our largest organ.  When it is badly burned, the result is severe pain, a lengthy healing process, and often a high degree of permanent physical impairment.  Because of this, work-related burn cases can be highly complex.  The insurance carrier usually fights hard to end medical care in the claim as quickly as possible.  Getting a proper permanent impairment rating from the treating physician (or from some other doctor), at the end of the case, is crucial to the monetary value of the claim.  Unfortunately, many physicians either don’t want to do this, or don’t know how.  At Hart Law we know how to handle burn injury cases to achieve maximum results.  Let us help you get the benefits you deserve.  Call today!

Neal L. Hart, Attorney at Law